Industrial PhD


Emines – School of Industrial Management is developing an industrial PhD program over 4 years, built on the North American PhD format as follows:

  1. Preparatory year including a training complementary to the tools and practices of the industrial management (with if necessary validation of the acquired ones) and a learning of the research (in connection with a real industrial subject)
  2. "Stop or go" decision at the end of the year in view of the results obtained;
  3. In the positive case, start of the doctorate over 3 years in one of the doctoral studies centers where EMINES is a host laboratory.


Serious research work in industrial and logistic management implies mastery of the approaches, concepts and instrumentations that can be mobilized in the different disciplinary fields to which this discipline is attached. Thus, at the start of a thesis, a doctoral student must have:

  • an appropriate scientific background allowing one to effectively answer research questions, being able to mobilize the main available approaches in supply chain management (preferred target here), as well as a number of generic instrumentations (optimization, simulation…) ;
  • a scientific and methodological perspective sufficient to understand the level of relevance of approaches and instrumentations that can be mobilized in ones research and to be able to combine them in a clever way in the analysis, definition and resolution of complex problems;
  • a minimum research experience allowing one to move quickly and effectively in a literature review on a given topic and on the writing of an article.

This is why the School of Industrial Management has developed a "propaedeutic" year, which allows the candidate to check their nterest in research and to get an idea of ​​the expectations of the international scientific community and which also allows the institution to ascertain the relevance of a thesis pursuit by the candidate.


To apply for a doctorate in industrial management you must hold a master's degree, an engineering degree or a diploma of equivalent level. These courses must be oriented towards the sciences of engineering or those of management. In-depth courses will be given during the preparatory year.


Applications are submitted through the  Application platform. The jury examines only completed files. It is therefore imperative that files are constituted in due time and include all the elements requested in the required form.


Two recruitment sessions are organized. A candidate can only attend one of the sessions. Submission of applications is made online until the deadline for submission of the session chosen by the candidate.

June session

  • Deadline for submission of applications: end of May 2019
  • Conduct of the selection tests: mid-June 2019

The recruitment procedure is initially done by a selection on file, then through a written exam and an oral interview.